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BOD – Biochemical Oxygen Demand Is One Of The Important Parameter Of Effluent Analysis. The SPECTRALAB Microcontroller Based BOD Monitor System Is Based On Well Known Principle Of “ Electrolytic Respirometry” In This Method Exact Quantity Of Oxygen Is Supplied As Per Demand & The Oxygen Required Can Be Directly Noted In Mg/Liter Against Time.

BOD Monitor Is Designed To Measure The Oxygen Uptake Of A Given Sample Continuously. It Consist Of Cell Assembly, Electronic Unit & Magnetic Stirrer. The Sample Is Kept In Continuous Stirring To Ensure Constant Absorption Of OXYGEN. BOD Is To Be Reported At 27°C For 3 Days. However, With This Instrument After Studying Routine Samples The BOD Can Be Predicted With In 1 ½ To 2 Days By Using Prediction Factor.

• Study Of Biodegradability & Toxicity Of Organic Compound.
• Study Of Reaction Kinetics Biodegradation Of Specific Waste And Its Removal From The Environment.
• Study Of Specific Bacterial Strength And Enzymatic Systems Responsible For Biodegradation Of Specific Compound.
• Study Of Oxygen Up Take Rate Of Biomass And Their Viable Concentration Present In Activated Sludge Systems.
• Monitoring Of The Performance Of Effluent Treatment Systems With Greater Speed And Reliability.

• Microcontroller Based
• Electrolytic Respirometry Principle
• Number Samples 2 At A Time. Smaple Size 1 Liter.
• Dilution Range Upto 500 Mg/Ltr.
• Continuous & Hourly Display Of Result With Graph.
• Prediction Factor To Predict Result At 24 Or 36 Hrs.
• Dilution Factor For Automatic Multiplication.
• Digital Temperature Indication Of Surrounding Temperature.
• Soft Touch Membrane Key Board.
• 16 Character Duel Line Backlighted Display.
• Real Time Clock To Give Date & Time Of Analysis.
• Data Protection In Case Of Power Failure.
• Printer Interface For Dot Matrix Printer.

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