Automatic Potentiometric Titrator / Auto Titrator

Spectralab Model AT 38 C Is An Analytical Instrument In The Field Of Electrochemistry. It Is Micro Controller Based Titrator For Chemical Analysis. It Is Versatile Chemical Testing Instrument With Utmost Ease Of Operation. The Wide Range Of Applications Are Possible With This Automatic Potentiometric Titrator As It Is Having Dosing Unit With High Accuracy And Reproducibility. The Auto Titrator Is Not Simply Digital Potentiometric Titration Apparatus But Has Flexibility & Good Scope To Select Right Parameters For Right Applications Making It A Fully Programmable Potentiometric Titration Apparatus. It Has A Facility To Choose The Method Itself Which Can Perform A Given Titration. The Titration Method Development Thus Becomes A Sure Way To Get The Correct Results With Respect To Concentration And Tolerance Limits. It Is Possible To Store The Developed Method And Recalled For That Application. The System Is User Friendly And The Data Obtained Is Tamper Proof, Authentic & Supported By Statistics And Software Provisions To Keep The Result Secured. With Wide Range Of Accessories It Becomes A Complete Chemical Testing Equipment For Titrimetery.

• Applications Industry :
Chemical, Pharma, Dairy, Biotechnology, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Waters, Dyes, Paints, Food & Beverage , Oil , Distilleries, Cosmetics, Steel Etc.

• Titration Type :
Acid Base Titrations, Non-Aqueous Titrations, Redox Titrations, Argentometric Titrations, Precipitation Titrations, Complexometric Titrations, PH Stat Titrations, Enzymatic Titrations, EDTA Titrations, TAN/TBN Titrations, Diazotization Titrations Etc.

• Facilities :
Blank, Back Titration, 4 Modes, 3 Methods, Optional KF, Optional PH Stat (For Enzyme Related ), Quick Interchangeable Burette, Several Result Units, Store 51 User Methods, Store 10 Formulae In Sample Mode & 3 Formulae In Normality Mode, Normality Transfer To Sample Mode, Standard Deviation, Linearity , 10 Reports Stored, Graphics.

• Features :
Versatile, Advanced Microcontroller, User Friendly, Powerful, GLP Compliance, 21 CFR PART 11, Complaint IQ, OQ, PQ, Calibration, Traceability, PC Connectivity, Result On Display, Printer, Corrosion Resistant Fiber Body.

• Reports :
Burette Factor, Start Criteria, Stop Criteria, Dilution Factor, Titration No. Date & Time, Instrument Sr,No. Organisation Name, Vast Data Points, 11 End Points, Statistics, Standard Deviation, Relative Std, Deviation, Linearity, Ml/ Time Curve, Reaction Kinetics, "S" / Derivative Curve.
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Spectralab Model AT 28 Is A Potentiometric Titrator Designed With The Idea Of Meeting Small Laboratory Requirements, Who Do Not Need Much Sophistication, Yet They Must Have Required Automation, Adequate Data Processing & Reporting Facility For Documentation Purpose. With Features & Specification Of Model AT 28 The Above Purpose Is Served.

• Facilities :
SVD/ FED Methods, Blank-Normality-Sample Modes, Automatic Rinse Operation, 3 Pt Calibration For Ph. 3 Formulae, PC/ Printer Interface, Quick Interchangeable Burette, Time Date & Titration Number,. To Enter Burette Factor For Calibration,

Karl Fischer Titrator Model MA 101C
Spectralab Model KF Titrator MA 101C Is Fully Microcontroller Based System. It Has Advanced Features & User Friendly Interactive Software In A Dialogue Mode For Easy Operation With Protection Against Invalid Entries. It Is Designed For Simple Routine Analysis As Well As For Most Complex Types Of Sample.

• Kinetically Controlled Doses Of Karl Fischer Reagents Are Added To The Solution In A Hermetically Sealed Vessel As Per Stop Criteria Selected And The End Point Volume Is Evaluated Automatically. The Instrument Continuously Monitors Drift In The Vessel And Neutralizes It Automatically.
• The Liquid Handling Path Comprises Of Teflon Tubing, Teflon Three Way Valve, And A Gas Tight Syringe With Teflon Piston. It Creates A Chemically Inert System For This Highly Sensitive Analysis.
• The Magnetic, Adjustable Speed Stirrer Is A Part Of The System In Which A Sample Is Stirred Vigorously To Extract The Moisture Efficiently.
• Even Very Small Samples Can Be Analyzed , As We Have Facility Of Drift Compensation. It Increases Accuracy.
• The Result, Including Drift, Is Displayed On Back Lighted Liquid Crystal Display Screen And Can Be Printed If Required Using External Dot Matrix Printer.
• Data Down Loading Facilities To PC - Spectralab LIMS 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.
• Optional Accessories - Fill Drain Pump, KF Oven
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