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Mini Cooling System - Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

Mini Cooling System - Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier


The solid state cooling system is based on peltier effect & can be used for applications such as viscosity bath & other small cooling application 

These are basically miniature Thermoelectric Solid State Systems, designed on peltier effect. In many situations, need of analysis at subambient temperature arises. The lab chemist has to use either an elaborate and bulky compressor based cooling system or use ice. Both have their own disadvantages. These Systems are simple, sturdy & occupy very small bench space. No compressor no noise, no vibrations. No Ice, no mess. All SolidState design, no moving parts, virtually maintenance free.

These are suitable to carry out Titration at subambient or at elevated  temperatures, to maintain Cell Holder Temperature, viscosity measurement, to cool vials & test tubes etc.

Model MCS - 150

For  titrations at sub ambient or at elevated temperatures :

In this case the titration beaker ( 55mm Dia) is inserted in the block which is kept at desired temp.

Application : Titrations for diazotisation , SAP value and pH Stat

Model MCS - R 500

To use as a miniature recirculating cooling system : Maintaining temp. of cell holder in Refractometer, Fluorescence

Spectrophotometer, Polarimeter etc.  these  are common applications .

A miniature circulating pump is built in.

Order MCS-R500 designed for these applications.

Model MCS -V 500

 This Mini Cooling system is for Brooke field Viscometer. The 500ml sample vessel is inserted in the cooling block. The Viscometer spindle can be suspended from the viscometer. Since viscosity changes with temperature, it is essential to keep the temperature constant at the desired level.  The systems are suitable for sub-ambient or above ambient temperature as per the application and can be use for viscosity calibration purpose.

Model MCS - E 

To cool Eppendrof vials :

Various models are available depending upon vials sizes & requirement of number of vial positions.

Refer the table given & select the  model as per your requirement. measurement, to cool vials & test tubes etc.


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