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Pollution Monitoring Instruments - BOD Monitor - Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier


For continuous Monitoring of Oxygen uptake rate by the principle of electrolytic repirometery

Spectralab is Manufacturer & Supplier of BOD Monitor


BOD – Biochemical oxygen demand is one of the important parameter of effluent analysis. The SPECTRALAB Microcontroller based BOD Monitor system is based on well known principle of “ Electrolytic Respirometry” In this method exact quantity of oxygen is supplied as per demand & the oxygen required can be directly noted in mg/liter against time.
BOD Monitor is designed to measure the oxygen uptake of a given sample continuously. It consist of Cell assembly, Electronic Unit & Magnetic Stirrer. The Sample is kept in continuous stirring to ensure constant absorption of OXYGEN.
BOD is to be reported at 27°C for 3 days. However, with this instrument after studying routine samples the BOD can be predicted with in 1 ½ to 2 days by using prediction factor.


• Study of Biodegradability & Toxicity of organic compound.
• Study of reaction kinetics biodegradation of specific waste and its removal from the environment.
• Study of specific bacterial strength and enzymatic systems responsible for biodegradation of specific compound.
• Study of oxygen up take rate of biomass and their viable concentration present in activated sludge systems.
• Monitoring of the performance of effluent treatment systems with greater speed and reliability.


• Microcontroller Based
• Electrolytic Respirometry principle
• Number samples 2 at a time. Smaple size 1 liter.
• Dilution range upto 500 mg/ltr.
• Continuous & hourly display of result with graph.
• Prediction factor to predict result at 24 or 36 hrs.
• Dilution factor for automatic multiplication.
• Digital temperature indication of surrounding temperature.
• Soft touch membrane key board.
• 16 character duel line backlighted display.
• Real time clock to give date & time of analysis.
• Data protection in case of power failure.
• Printer interface for dot matrix printer.


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